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Hermreck Memorial
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The Dedication took place on Palm Sunday - there were palms and flags waving. Here is the litany that was read that day on the South Lawn:


Leader:Waving is an act of recognition.

People: We wave to our friends and neighbors...sometimes we wave them down for help.

Leader:Waving is a sign of loyalty.There are all sorts of flags that fly over our planet. As they wave, they ripple with a love of country.

People:Bringing our flags to full & half mast. Our flags reflect the effects of honor & shame upon our lives.

Leader:This is a day set apart for waving.The waving ofpalms by all creation to The Creator.

People:This flag will fly in our church yard and remind us that we are Christians within a specific nation.

Leader:Together we will consider and critique,in light of scripture, the truth, humility, compassion and wisdom of our nation.

People:This flag will fly in honor of our country but it will also fly to keep us mindful that our nation needs thinking, and critical citizens like Bill Hermreck in order to be found faithful in God’s eyes.

Leader:We are both creatures of God and citizens of a nation.

People:Perhaps God will grant us a greater understanding of our place among a world neighborhood of waving flags.

All:O Lord, hear our dedication through Jesus Christ who saw You beyond all trivial waving.Catalyze a response as we continue Jesus’ wave.Amen.