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Rise Up Early for 8:30 Worship

Our early service may appeal to members and friends for different reasons:

·This is a streamlined worship service that is an important option on busy Sunday mornings.

·This service provides an intimacy and informality that complements our 10:30 service nicely.A quiet atmosphere of prayer and contemplation characterizes this service.

·Arrive a bit early for a cup of coffee, a glance at the local news and warm conversation with fellow members and friends.

·Points of continuity with our 10:30 service include:

oCommunion is celebrated the first Sunday of the month

oScripture and sermon are similarly focused at both services.

oChildren’s Time


10:30 Worship

Our mid-morning service can be characterized as high energy and running over with information and music.The appeal of this service may include:

·The congregation receives announcements of news in our community and from church calendar.

·Our Church choir and guest musicians provide various special selections of music to inspire each week.